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Creating website

PS web style

I design and create modern websites with a distinctive style

A simple website is suitable for small businesses and entrepreneurs.

The price for such a website ranges from 400€

A more complex website is suitable for companies that have more than six services.

The price for such a website ranges from 650€


The creation is very individual and depends on the number of products you want to offer on your website.

The price is determined by the hourly rate.

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I want a website

Creating a new website. What is needed?


First of all, it is important to come up with the name of your website (domain). The title shouldn't be too long, but it's entirely up to you.
I will check if the domain is free, or I will help you with another name.


Get enough material that you want to present on the website itself. Be it photos, videos, services and a comprehensive description (preferably 600 words)
I will compress all media (reduce their bit size without compromising quality) so that they do not slow down your website.


You need to have some idea of ​​what the website should look like. Website layout, colors and font style.
As for the photos, I can easily edit them or remove the background, hide license plates, etc.
Part of the website

Custom website

I try to be original. I spend a lot of time looking for the most suitable design for each website. I create and edit the templates myself, or we can fine-tune them according to your requirements.

Domain transfer

It is not a problem to transfer your domain and create a new website. If you don’t remember the domain owner, that’s okay, nothing is lost. I will do everything for you.

Logo creation

I offer the creation of a classic logo for your company. It’s up to you which style and colors you choose

website maintenance

Website maintenance is important for both updates and fixes as well as SEO.

I analyze the speed and keywords that were most used in search and display.

Keyword settings

SEO topic and keywords are quite misleading. I try to select the most used keywords and check through Google how the website was viewed most often.

Site speed and size

The size of the website should be as small as possible for faster loading. Beware of slow loading of photos, that’s ok. It is intentional so that the website does not load all at once, but so that it loads gradually as you move around the page.

Website security

I use the best applications to protect websites so that the website is safe for users and users from the website.

Translation into multiple languages

For page translation, there are two types of how text can be translated. This is done by either translating the entire text on the page or using a new translated page where new translated keywords can be set.

View for Mobile and Tablet

Everyday, many people look for services and information over the phone (about 56%). All texts and posts on the page must be edited so that the information is clear on the phone and tablet.


Frequently asked questions and answers
Why a website from me?
Creating websites is my hobby. I create them in my free time because it’s my hobby not my job. So I can focus more on details and discuss individual client requirements. More about me
First payment (down payment)

First of all, you need to pay a deposit of 200€. The price includes the payment of the domain, work, web hosting and the profile of the programs that I use for the best effects.

Your website price?

We will set the price at the first meeting and I will charge anything extra at 200/hour.

Of course, I do not charge for simple adjustments that take a few minutes.

What is SEO?

I see SEO as a Google ROBOT that researches keywords and website content.

It is important to have the text original, aligned, legible, marked, etc.

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